Project NordicSub

The Nordicsub “Drebbel ” was completed and launched in June 2013. It is the perfect sub in its class in my opinion. It can carry 3 persons to a 400 meter depth and is still so compact that it fits in a 20 Ft. container an can be slipway launched. The sub was named Drebbel in honor of the 17th century submarine pioneer Cornelis Drebbel.
The sub is operational and can be deployed for charter research and recreational dives. The sub had also acted in various TV programs and marketing events.
A forward looking sonar can be bolted on for search missions.
In the future a upgrade with a manipulator an high power LED lamps is planned . A expedition to Norway was done in 2017, see the video link.

We offer the following submersible services with the NordicSub:

  • Charter for archaeological, biological or survey missions
  • Submersible Pilot training
  • Educational activities

The Nordicsub is eventually for sale.

Technical data:  
Dive depth 400 meters
Test depth 480 meters
Collapse depth > 800 meters
Length 4.8 meters
Beam 1,9 meters
Hull diameter 1,2 meters
Hull material steel P460NL
Viewing 1 Acrylic dome 580 mm O.D.
1 Bowdome 960 mm O.D.
Speed 5 Knots
Weight 2900 Kg
Crew 1 pilot and 2 passengers

Expedition to Norway in 2017

Video impression by a passenger.