werkplaats capaciteiten vaardigheiden informatie onderzeeër foto’s onderzeeboot onderdelen fabriceren bouwen projecten duikboot huren nordicsub javasub airesearch rov Workshop capacities competentions information eurosub Projects hire nordicsub javasub AiResearch Rov information eurosub submersible pictures manufacture submarine parts construction mechanical engineering. AiResearch is a small engeneering company. Our working area is: Test equipment – Submersible technology – CNC milling – General machine building.


My competentions

  • Custom made material testing equipment
  • Machining one-off products in own workshop.
  • Prototypes and assembly’s from idea to tested product.

Workshop capacities

  • CNC milling 650x500x500 mm.
  • CNC turning 250x750mm
  • Conventional turning 500×1500 mm.
  • TIG welding steel, stainless steel, aluminium.
  • MIG/MAG welding 350 Amp
  • Plate rolling 1000×4 mm
  • Plate bending 1000×2 mm
  • Hydraulic press 15 Ts.
  • External Pressure testing 250 bar/25 bar
  • Thermoforming acrylic plastic abt. 1000x1000x100mm
  • Geometrical measuring, inspection
  • Good suppliers for Laser/waterjet cutting, 3D printing , zinc plating and anodizing.
workshop werkplaats
pressure test vessel