AiResearch is a small engineering company. Our working area is: Test equipment – Submersible technology – CNC milling – General machine building.

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The NordicSub

Deep diving capabilities with easy handling and low operation cost.
The NordicSub is operational and can be deployed for research and recreational dives.

Experience the NordicSub

AiResearch  mechanical engineering. Founded in 2007.  Learn more about us.


11-01-2017 ;New website online!

27-01-2017 : today the company exists 10 years!

28-03-2017: Closer cooperation with material testing equipment

25-07-2017: expedition and deep tests with the Nordicsub in Norway

29-09-2017: Purchase of a Padovani teach in lathe

01-11-2021: Extra solar panals and heatpump. Carbon neutral now!

AiResearch is flexible and covers for its size
a wide range of activities like:

Test equipment
Design and production of test equipment.
Advisory for materials, production techniques and submersibles.
Machining one-off products
Machining one-off products in own workshop.
Prototypes and assembly’s
Prototypes and assembly’s from idea to tested product.

Our working area is:


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