Testometric equipped with heated compression plates.

Airesearch is making its own electricity!

First stage 18 panels but now 32 panels for 8000 KWh!



Technical data:
Dive depth 200 meters
Test depth 255 meters
Collapse depth > 500 meters
Length 6 meters
Beam 1,2 meters
Hull material steel S355J2
Viewing 1 Acrylic dome 610 mm O.D.
Weight 2500 Kg
Crew 2

AiResearch ROV

AiResearch has designed and manufactured l inspection ROV for a civil engineering company.

This ROV is different from the off the shelf ROV’s as it is designed to inspect (partially) flooded tunnels; note the guidance wheels on the top and sides.

Technical data:
200 meter floating Tether
Weight 25 KG (ex. Tether)
LxBxH 750x360x325 mm
power supply: 600 W @230VAC
Colour CCD camera with pan and tilt
AiResearch ROV

The Euronaut is a autonomous research submarine.


Emile is part of the Euronaut team and machined some parts for it as a hobby project.


The motorbikes are no part of the company. The 2 stroke Suzuki’s were first used as daily transport and later as classic hobby bikes. There are some links however..

How we got to the impractrical name “AiResearch”; in 1997 I got my hands on a Airesearch gasturbine. I build the turbine in a Suzuki motorbike which was also named to the turbine engine make. The name AiResearch was adopted for the company as it was not in use anymore by the turbine and turbocharger manufacturer. It was the first wheel driven turbine bike in the world and still running 60.000 RPM!

The Suzuki GT 750 evolved to a classic racer.  I developed special parts like cylinder head inserts and reed valve boxes for it.

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