AiResearch Scrubber

AiResearch Scrubbers are designed for small personal and research submersibles.

The scrubber is of the axial type and has a built in radial fan. This keeps the noise level very low, under 50 Db. In order to make discolouring of the Sodalime visible, the tube is made from clear plastic.

The power supply can be unplugged to renew the sodalime outside the submersible.

All parts are made from corrosion resistant Anodised Alu, Stainless 316 and Acrylic plastic.

The kit comes with manual.

Scrubber duration is dependant on the absorbent material and atmospheric conditions. Rule of thumb is 4 man hours for 1 Kg. A backup scrubber /mask must be available for the case of power or fan failure. Monitor with 0-3% CO2 level instrument!

Specifications 1-2 person version
Capacity 4,5 Kg (10 Lbs) Sodalime
CO2 level in Sub < 0,5%
Diameter 160 mm  (6”)
Height abt. 400 mm (16”)
Noise level <50 Db
Voltage 24VDC  (12VDC)
Power consumption 5 W
Price and parts list
Kit 4,5 Kg Euro 550,-
Kit 6,0 Kg: Euro 675,-
Spare radial fan Euro 65,-

Prices are excl. VAT. and transport.
Info and orders at:

Underwater lights for subs or ROV´s

With 62 mm flood and spot reflector and Halogen bulb.

Power max 80 Watt Bridgelux vero
Dimensions 80 mm outside diameter/ 40 mm long.
Operating dept 800 meter (depending on connector)
Tested to 120 Bar
Price Euro 295,-

For Hire or sale: Pressure test vessel

To test submersible parts to 220 Bar Daimeter 590 mm, Lenght 760 mm

submarine dome

Acrylic hemispheres

We produce Acrylic hemispheres with an OD of 610 mm ( 24” ) and a minimal thickness of 26 mm ( 1” ).

Currently on stock:

  • 1 x 610 mm hemisphere with Evonik material certificate; €2950,-

Prices inclusive machined edge and annealing. VAT and transport excl.

An anodized aluminium seat ring can be made to your design.

With the standard tooling we can also produce a 90-130 degrees 610 mm bowdome. Thickness is abt.40 mm.

Other sizes up to 1000 mm are available on request.

For logistic and liability reason no export to the US and Canada.

Custom made parts

We can design and manufacture custom submersible /ROV parts

  • Penetrators
  • Hatches
  • (LED) Lamps
  • Manipulators
  • Portholes
  • Thrusters
  • (overpressure) valves

In stock : 1 hatch domering for 610 mm (24″) dome with O-ring groove. Intergrated hinge and handlebars. Depth rating 400 Meter.